The Word for You Today! Africa is a media ministry working in partnership with Radio Pulpit and UCB International, a global network of Christian radio and Television organisations. We focus on assisting emerging African broadcasters to enter the field of Christian media, particularly radio, by providing the equipment, training and mentorship.

The Word for You Today! Africa is also the licence holder of the Word for Today, a daily devotional booklet written to act as a vitamin for your faith. It consists of two editions, The Word for Today aimed at adults, with daily readings based on Scripture, articles, and things to pray about, the Word For Today is designed to help you get into the habit of spending time with God every day. The Word4U2day, the second edition, is an alternative daily devotional aimed predominantly at young adults. It has daily readings based on the Bible, blended with thought-provoking articles on a variety of topics.

Here at The Word for You Today! Africa, we serve the continent of Africa with the Gospel and strive to expand God’s wonderful message of love to all people by using radio, printed materials and online media.

Under God’s direction, to play a prominent and facilitating role in developing African Christians as professional broadcasters and to promote the establishment of new Christian broadcasting ventures where an open door exists.


To strengthen the role and capabilities of Christian broadcasters in Africa by providing effective help, expertise, and training and development services to affiliated members and other Christian broadcasters.

To provide training and development in broadcasting management, programming and technical issues as well as assistance in establishing and maintaining broadcasting studios and facilities. Help in sourcing of donor’s support for establishing and maintaining radio stations is possible under special circumstances.

To draw on the collective strength and resources of the wider affiliated group to provide participants with cost effective products such as programme material, music and print media.

The Word for You Today! Africa can also act as collective bargaining agent with a view of obtaining procurement benefits for subscribers, such as digital broadcasting systems or subsystems.

The The Word for You Today! Africa has essentially a non-broadcasting role but, if required, can act as a broadcaster in its own right by setting up The Word for You Today! Africa entities in countries within Africa.

On maturity these facilities will be autonomous. To provide relational support through the following: Conferences to facilitate networking. Regional workshops to equip local stations to better manage, broadcast and market their operation. With the assistance of UCB International, arrange for national and international specialists to share their knowledge.
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